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unable to open document

rose gonzalez
asked this on January 29, 2013, 09:18

i recently upgraded and now i am unable to open the link at the very bottom of this page: and i'm not sure why. i downloaded chrome also to try and rectify the problem, but that didn't solve anything. what's my next step? thanks!



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Hi Rose,

Thank you for providing the source of the document. that you cannot view the document in a web browser, since it has dynamic content that you can interact with.  First off, let's get you on the latest version of Reader.  We just released Nitro Reader 3.5 this week, so please go to the following link to update your reader:


Afterwards, you can do the following to access the document:

First open up the source of the document in the browser.  Then click on the Nitro logo on the bottom right corner of the screen to open the document in Nitro.



Once it's open in Nitro Reader 3.5, you will be able to fill in the form.


Hope this helps! 

February 14, 2013, 17:37
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